COVID Protocols

Raintech Irrigation LTD. is committed to the safety of our team and our greater community of customers and clients.

Our technicians follow strict safety procedures to protect both themselves and the homes they visit. To date, we have no COVID-19 cases among our staff and ask everyone to continue to be vigilant in our daily work to remain safe.
Raintech Irrigation will be following all recommendations made by the Federal and Provincial Governments as well as the instructions given by Alberta Health Services.

Please note that if you have tested positive or have come into contact / there is a possibility that you have come into contact with the virus, please contact our office immediately so that your appointment can be rescheduled for a later date.

We are taking additional measures recommended by Public Health Officials:


  • Disinfectant cleaning throughout our office and other indoor spaces.
  • Moving from group meetings to emails and phone calls to limit gatherings of more than five people.
  • We offer paperless quoting and billing and most communications can be completed via phone or email.



Most of our services do not require face to face interaction and are done on the exterior of the house or building.

  • Crew trucks and hand tools will all be wiped down with disinfectant cleaning products at the end of each day.
  • While crews are on site they will limit any contact with surfaces you may come in contact with (doors, gates, etc.).
  • Gloves will be worn should it become necessary to touch any common surfaces.
  • Employees will maintain the recommended 2m spacing from other people. They are outdoors in open spaces and can complete tasks while following safe social distancing practices.



  • Technician will request permission after sanitizing to enter the property and will maintain 2m of distance at all times.
  • Technician will limit touching anything in the property other than the irrigation shutoff, controller or backflow device.
  • Please ensure that all doors to the irrigation components are open and that all light sources to and in our work area are turned on – please note that these lights will be left on after the technician has performed their work.
  • Please ensure that we have clear access to the irrigation components at all times, our technicians will not be moving or touching any materials, equipment, etc. that may be in the way of the device.
  • Please follow social distancing procedures and maintain 2m of distance between yourself and the technician.